Reminder Evangelism

This is the last scheduled reminder...not saying it is the last...we have it in mind to send out an occasional reminder in the upcoming weeks and months, may not be on the blog...but we'll get it out someway.  If nobody else needs reminders, I fully admit I will.  I get caught up in the "day … Continue reading Reminder Evangelism


Reminder Stewardship

Habits and today's reminder go hand in hand...if you are practice good stewardship, you have developed a habit.  Pray for the strength and wisdom needed to be a good steward of your life so that Habits of Grace form. And now...stewardship: Stewardship is another way of talking about ministry, how different would ministry look if … Continue reading Reminder Stewardship

Reminder Meditation

Here's another reminder to help you form those Habits of Grace.  One thing to notice as you begin to form these habits, all of the topics will weave together...sometimes you won't notice a difference between'll start with meditation and find yourself praying and worshipping as well.  When that begins to happen regularly, you're getting … Continue reading Reminder Meditation