You Can Do It

Psalm 37:31    

Create three lists; one as many lines from movies and songs, as you can remember, on the second one, put down historical quotes (“Ask not what your country…), and third verses of scripture.  Go ahead…I’ll wait.

Most likely your first two lists were easier to come up with. You may be claiming you know scripture, you just aren’t good at memorization.  You might be thinking, “oh boy, here it comes, the ol’ ‘you need to memorize more scripture’ talk, I’ve tried but I can’t.”

Hang on. So you’re telling me that you have time to watch a 2-hour movie over and over again, memorizing lines which bear no significance to your life, but you can’t seem to cram a few verses in your head? Memorizing things isn’t in everyone’s wheelhouse, but, everybody can memorize SOMETHING.  Those few scripture verses can be the difference between sitting alone and letting your mind wander to sinful desires, or worrying (another sinful desire), and spending time worshipping God, and building intimacy with the One who loves you dearly.

Even if you struggle immensely with memorizing scripture,  taking the time to deal with a verse repeatedly, focusing attention to the spoken word of God drives us deeper into our walk with Him. So don’t get frustrated that you can’t remember right away, feel blessed that you had the opportunity to spend time dedicating God’s word in your heart. And when you finally commit those verses to your long-term memory, which can take quite a long time, you will always have those words ready to remind you of what to focus on in those moments of weakness and temptation, or boredom as the case may be. If you need a place to start, try Psalm 23:1-3. You’ll probably be pleased to find that you already pretty much know this one by heart anyway!

Today in Prayer
Prepare: Joshua 1:8

  • Set aside some time today to choose a verse or verses that speak to you and then commit them to memory.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you in your studies this week, giving you a greater understanding as you learn about and add meditation and memorization to your study and prayer time.





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