Be The Scripture

Matthew 14:22-33    

The idea of meditating on scripture can be daunting to some.  How do I do it?  How can I focus on just a few passages?  And those are only a couple of questions that pop-up…there are plenty of others.  An answer to many of those questions and concerns can be found in the concept of “being the scripture.”  About now there are a few readers more confused than when they started.  So, let’s take a quick look…read Matthew 14:22-33 first, and then keep the verses close at hand.

For this trip, imagine you’re one of the disciples…Peter to be specific.  How do you feel about Jesus making you get in the boat and then walking away?  Why?  Can you feel the boat bobbing on the waves?  What do you smell?  Hear?  How do you feel when one of your boatmates point to the ghost out on the sea?  Describe the relief you feel when you realize the ghost is Jesus.  What went through your mind when you asked Jesus to invite you out on the water?  How does the water feel on the bottom of your feet?  Is the wind hitting your face?   When do you notice?  Describe you panic when you sink.  How desperate are your words when you cry out for help?  (Question for the non-Peter version of you…is your prayer life that immediate now?)  How do you handle Jesus response to you?  Describe the awe you feel as all of the disciples worship Him as the Son of God.

In other words…don’t only read the words…ponder on them, picture yourself in the scene (if appropriate – if not reword them in different ways (without changing the base meaning) and see yourself obeying them).  Be the scripture – abide in His word – meditate – abide in Him.

Today in Prayer
Soak It In: Psalm 19:14

  • Pray for increased joy from digging deep into His Word today!
  • Spend some time just soaking in your favorite passages. Pray for His Spirit to bring to light something new from the familiar verses.

“No one can be a good Christian who does not with holy zeal set out to know, delight in, and live by the Word of God!” ~ John R Rice



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