Whole Heartedly

Ephesians 6:18      

The Lord craves our hearts. He wants to be the One to which we flee when things are chaotic or when things are going well. He desires individual intimacy with each of His creations. And this is established through our prayers. I think this is what Paul meant when he called believers to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). It’s not that we are to physically live on our knees and never open our eyes or lift our faces. It’s not even that we should constantly say things like “Our Father Who art in Heaven…” It’s more of the fact that God desires to be close to us.  He knows the hearts that He formed, and He wants to be near to them.

Going to work—Lord, it’s early, and I’m tired, but the sunrise is so beautiful. Thank You for Your creativity.  In class—Father, school is stressful beyond belief. Fill me with Your peace, help me bring joy into these classrooms.  At the store—Jesus, prices are rising, but I trust You to provide.

Even watching videos on YouTube or looking at pictures on Facebook present opportunities for this connection.  Yahweh, thank You for laughter.  Yahweh, thank You for the ability to stay connected with my friends and family.  Use me to impact for You through this conduit of fellowship.

Prayer doesn’t even have to be verbal words. If you’re stuck and tired and you don’t know what to say… then just live it out. Put feet to your faith. Make the way you live your life one long prayer declaring His praise. Or… just say His name. Prayer doesn’t have to be eloquent and fancy. So if you struggle with prayer, I challenge you to start simple. Declare who He is to you. Counselor. Abba. Rabbi. King. Messiah… Go from there.


Today in Prayer

  • Pray for the Persecuted Church throughout the world.
    • Pray that persecuted followers throughout the world would know the hope God gives (Eph. 1:18).
    • Pray the Holy Spirit would strengthen them (Eph. 3:16).
    • Pray that persecuted followers would know how much God loves them (Eph. 3:17)
    • Pray they would know how to share the gospel (Eph. 6:19).
    • Pray that persecuted followers would fearlessly tell others about Jesus (Eph. 6:20).
  • Pray for our C2 missionaries throughout the world:
    • David and Tonya Liles
    • Stephanie Martin
    • Lance and Melanie Gotcher
    • Mike Heath
    • Scott and Kristi Hudgins
    • Roger and Tammy Akers
    • Elijah and Brittany Van Hoecke
      •  Their personal health – spiritual, emotional, physical and financial. 
      • Their marriages.  Their children.
      • Their cultural adjustments and the loneliness of being separated from immediate and close family by continents.
      • That they would have compassion for others.  For the management of their time and ministry.
      • That C2 would both personally and corporately be a blessing and encouragement to them – financially, prayerfully, and physically thru correspondence and support when they are in the states.
  • Pray for those around the world who face the evils of the world in a real manner – human trafficking, addiction, poverty (just to name a few).  Pray that they come to know the peace and restoration that God can bring to their lives if they don’t already know it.



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