Talking to God

Jeremiah 29:12-13          

Prayer, at its most basic, is talking to God.  Brothers and sisters, how often are you talking to God?   Every day?  Multiple times a day?  Continuously?  What kind of relationship do you have with God if you aren’t talking to Him that often?  Is He just an acquaintance to you, someone you sort of know, but not well?  Is He someone you’re angry with?  Is He someone you’re afraid to talk to, intimidated by?  Do you think you have to be perfect to talk to Him?  God desires a deeply personal relationship with you because He loves you.  He created you; you are His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10).  To have a relationship with someone, there must be communication.

Sometimes we won’t have the right words for what we’re feeling or what we want to say to Him.  That’s okay and understood because the Holy Spirit will intercede for us (Romans 8:26-27).  Sometimes we don’t talk to God because we’re distracted by our problems in life.  Folks, those are the very things we should be taking to God in prayer.  We don’t have to be perfect or “in a good place” to talk to God.

Sometimes we don’t want to talk to God because we’re mad.  We hang onto our anger and hurts rather than turn them over to Him so that we can be healed.   We can find comfort in our pain because it’s familiar.  We should never let our pain become more familiar and comfortable than our relationship with our Father, the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3-5).  Our relationship with Him will never improve until we talk to Him.  He should be the one we communicate with more than anybody else (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Work on making prayer a habit, a multiple-times-a-day habit.  Let His peace fill you as a result (Philippians 4:6-7).


Today in Prayer

  • Pray for our Pastoral Leadership – Pastor Darryl and Sharon, Daniel and Krysten, Kenn and Julie.
    • Their personal health – spiritual, emotional, physical and financial.
    • Their marriages.  Their children.
    • That they would be encouraged and edified by the body.
    • That they would have compassion for others.  For the management of their time and ministry.
    • That our pastors may walk in the Spirit and in The Word and that they be protected from rather than distracted by the junk around them.
    • That they would pray first and THEN lead in whatever direction the Lord directs them, regardless of the buy-in/fall out. 
    • That they might be bestowed with wisdom, discernment, patience, joy, unity…and everything else.
    • That they would be godly examples of discipleship and followship of God’s Spirit and God’s Word.
  • That C2, personally and corporately, no longer be slaves to sin, to fear or to any other “wave” in life and instead live in the victory, joy, and peace that comes from a life focused on God.  (Capture our thoughts, cast our anxieties, be crucified in Christ.)
  • That C2, personally and corporately, stop living lives of comparison to others, but live a life fully devoted to God; striving to hear “well done good and faithful servant”.  That we put away our pride and live for Him alone.  That we set aside our desire to be “better” or prove ourselves “smarter” than others.
  • Pray that C2, personally and corporately, run this race to win, for Him. Pray for endurance in the face of anything, perseverance in adversity.  Pray for a hunger for His Word, growth and transformation.
  • Pray for Spirit-infused, healthy growth in some of the “gap” areas in our ministry, particularly in our youth and in our elementary-aged children’s ministry.




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