Unfair God?

Psalm 73:25-26         

“Okay God, I’m going to serve you.  I expect you to grant me my desires since I’m giving you what you need…”  Ever hear anyone say that?  Me neither, not exactly…not out loud.  Though I have heard people complain about the “unfairness” of God, recounting what they did FOR Him, yet they didn’t get what they wanted…or they hit a hardship.  I’m not sure they understand what service is.  Jesus was the perfect example of serving, I think He hit a few “hardships” along the way…why do we get bent out of shape when we hit a few bumps in the road in this temporary stop on our road to eternity?

Checking scripture out – Acts 17:25 – “He’s not served by human hands, as though He needs anything…,” then there’s Job 38-40 – where God asks Job a series of questions that resolve down to…” who did the doing?”  Don’t forget,  Job was a man God said was the most faithful and good.

God has no needs.  This is freeing to us as His children; we don’t have to provide Him with anything.   Yet He CHOOSES to include us in His plans.  He may not need anything…but He chooses to have us involved with Him.  He asks us to serve Him…by serving others as well as Him.  Which brings us to a great truth we need to remember.  We’re asked to serve through our faith, by trusting in Him…and when we do, He supplies the strength for us to serve Him with (1 Peter 4:11).  He owes us nothing; He needs nothing, but He gives us the strength to serve and asks us to join Him in His great plan.  He paid the cost for us to join Him, I don’t see anything unfair, for us, there at all…


Today in Prayer

Serve With Humility: Mark 10:45; Philippians 2:3-9

  • Pray that your attitude, as you serve, remains humble (not seeking the approval of others)
  • Ask for God to show you an area you can serve, where no one else will know what you’ve done (or are doing)




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