No Sloths Allowed

Romans 12:11-12             

First, we’re not talking about the cute furry critters…those can hang around, literally.  The title is a play on Romans 12:11…”do not be slothful in zeal.”  We’re to be “fervent in spirit”…and a lot more (read the verses in the title).  Now, you may be asking what all of this has to do with this week’s habit – evangelism; let me point you to another scripture as the foundation for the answer – 1 Peter 3:15…” always be prepared to give a defense.”

Spiritual sloths don’t prepare.  They don’t have zeal; they aren’t fervent in spirit.  Spiritual sloths show up on Sunday morning, do their time…and then get back to “life.”  Maybe they read some devotionals during the week…then whip out the checklist and mark “done.”  Maybe they pray a little, maybe their prayer is a few more words than one sentence or perhaps it’s slightly altered from their previous prayer….break out the list, “check.”  Spiritual sloths only do what they think they have to, nothing more…no investment, no risk, not much difference between them and the world.

Evangelism requires preparation.  I’m not talking about studying every witnessing method ever published…I’m talking about feeding on the Word of God.  Spending time in communion with our Creator (aka serious prayer).  Being good stewards of our spiritual well-being.  Allowing space for God to move in our lives, being still so we can KNOW HE is GOD!

Seems to be a familiar list…it’s the disciplines we’ve been studying.  Living in those, abiding with God…that’s preparation.  Now, it doesn’t hurt to study up on some techniques, to put some thought on how to share what God has meant in your life, to be salt and light to the world.  Also remember, it’s more than telling others about Jesus…it’s living it out daily and it’s making disciples.  Abiding in Him, practicing the disciplines…that’s answering the call to always be prepared.  It takes work, which is why we say…no sloths allowed.


Today in Prayer
Luke 12:11-12

  • Pray that God would remove your fears about sharing the Gospel.
  • Pray that you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.



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