Sunday Reflection (5/13/2018)

We wrap up this week of focus on Evangelism with a daily prayer guide:

Today in Prayer
2 Timothy 2:1-2 

  • Pray for opportunities to disciple others
  • Pray for God to show you someone who can disciple you—if already being discipled, give thanks and pray for your discipler
  • Pray that the body of Crossroads dedicates itself to discipling others 

Only a disciple can make a disciple. — A.W. Tozer

 A true discipling ministry will include every aspect of
people to the Savior, building them up in their faith, and equipping
to win and build others.  — Dann Spader

Reflect on this morning’s message…
“Habits in Review…What Now?”


What point stood out to you?


Did God reveal something to you about yourself?


What should you now do in response to what you have heard?


How will you live differently now that God has revealed this truth to you?



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