Reminder Meditation

Here’s another reminder to help you form those Habits of Grace.  One thing to notice as you begin to form these habits, all of the topics will weave together…sometimes you won’t notice a difference between them…you’ll start with meditation and find yourself praying and worshipping as well.  When that begins to happen regularly, you’re getting to the habit stage…and keep on running that race with endurance (Hebrews 12:1-2).

And now a few words on Meditation:

This list is pulled from Donald Whitney’s book – Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life (pages 56-68)…where he gets into much more detail than what we can post here.

  1. Emphasize Different Words in the Text
  2. Rewrite the Text in Your Own Words
  3. Formulate a Principle from the Text—What Does It Teach?
  4. Think of an Illustration of the Text—What Picture Explains It?
  5. Look for Applications of the Text
  6. Ask How the Text Points 
to the Law or the Gospel
  7. Ask How the Text Points to Something About Jesus
  8. Ask What Question Is Answered
 or What Problem Is Solved by the Text
  9. Pray Through the Text
  10. Memorize the Text
  11. Create an Artistic Expression of the Text
  12. Ask the Philippians 4:8 Questions of the Text
  • What is true about this, or what truth does it exemplify?
  • What is honorable about this?
  • What is just or right about this?
  • What is pure about this, or how does it exemplify purity?
  • What is lovely about this?
  • What is commendable about this?
  • What is excellent about this (that is, excels others of this kind)?
  • What is praiseworthy about this?
  1. Ask the Joseph Hall Questions of the Text
  • What is it (define and/or describe what it is) you are meditating upon?
  • What are its divisions or parts?
  • What causes it?
  • What does it cause; that is, what are its fruits and effects?
  • What is its place, location, or use?
  • What are its qualities and attachments?
  • What is contrary, contradictory, or different to it?
  • What compares to it?
  • What are its titles or names?
  • What are the testimonies or examples of Scripture about it?
  1. Set and Discover a Minimum Number of Insights from the Text
  2. Find a Link or Common Thread Between All the Paragraphs or Chapters You Read
  3. Ask How the Text Speaks 
to Your Current Issue or Question
  4. Use Meditation Mapping [i.e., mind-mapping]


Use meditation, solitude, and silence to make room for God in your life…give Him the opportunity to speak to you.



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